Melbourne Man Brad Walker Loses 30kg

Brad Walkers lost his weight on the 123 Diet

Congratulations Brad another one of 123 Diets inspirational Dieters that has lost 30kgs on our diet plan.

It shows by following the meal plan and taking the drops you are able to lose weight in a short amount of time. Brad and our other 123 dieters that we speak to and assist through our support group on a daily basis.

Read about what the Daily Mail has to say about Brad’s journey and achievements…

How you can lose 30 kilograms in two months without lifting a finger: Tradie shows off his radical weight loss after making ONE major change to his diet

  • A Melbourne tradesman lost 30 kilograms in two months by changing his diet
  • Brad Walker opened up about the struggles he faced in his battle to lose weight
  • His mother suggested a diet plan of strict clean eating, and offers ‘diet drops’
  • Mr Walker now has the confidence to encourage others through their journey

A Melbourne tradesman who lost 30 kilograms in just two months after starting a diet in late January this year has revealed how he was able to make the life-changing transformation.

Brad Walker, 32, opened up about his previous struggles with his weight and explained the detrimental impact his weight was having on his life after realising the changes were essential to improve his quality of life.

‘I was so ashamed and was giving up to the fact that I was going to be big all my life. I was depressed and felt I had nothing to offer really purely because of my size,’ he told Daily Mail Australia.


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