See what this Sydney woman do to get rid of 31kg in 12 weeks...

How Sydney Grandmother - Ana Reyes Lost 31.6 Kilos on the 123 diet.

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"SYDNEY grandmother Ana Reyes has revealed how she lost 31.6 kilograms in just three months, without any form of exercise through the 123 Diet.

Ms Reyes says she shed weight fast by following a simple, clean eating plan, combined with taking natural diet drops that help stop cravings for sweet foods.

The grandmother of five says she has not only transformed her body, but also her life.

“I’ve gone from a very depressed state, to feeling fabulous and confident about myself. As my grandkids would say, I’m 50 and fabulous,” she says.

Along with the drops and a controlled diet, Ms Reyes claims staying focused and ultimately keeping her eyes on the prize helped her achieve her weight-loss goals.

But that doesn’t mean she didn’t eat at all.

“Many people believe a diet restricts you from eating completely, however that was not the case.

“Throughout the process I stuck to fruits for breakfast, like apples and strawberries, with some plain yoghurt. My lunches consisted of salads with protein and vegetables and for dinner I ate a lot of steak and fish.”

She thanks her change in diet, hard work and determination for her new and healthy lifestyle."

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