Fits into wedding dress she wore 33 years earlier!

A determined wife has fulfilled her dream of fitting back into her wedding dress from 1985 by dropping 42kg in just seven months.

Naomi Gil was just 21-years-old and a slim size 10 when she first wore her white wedding dress 33 years ago to marry the love of her life, Alan Gil, now 57, back in October 1985 – but said she never dreamed she would be able to fit back into the special dress.

The 54-year-old from Cairns, Qld, said she had ‘let herself go’ over the years and always succumbed to her sweet-tooth cravings – which saw her binge on whole tubs ice cream, half cheesecakes and family-sized packets of chocolate daily.

The delicatessen worker’s unhealthy eating habits lead her to tip the scales at a whopping 104.5kg while her wardrobe was filled with frumpy size 22 clothes. 

But it wasn’t until she saw an unflattering photograph of herself at a relative’s hen’s party that she realised how much weight she had piled on since her own wedding day – and from that moment became determined to fit back into her 33-year old wedding dress.

And with the help of specially-designed 123Diet Drops and food program, inspirational Naomi managed to lose an incredible 42kg and five dress sizes in just seven months. 

Naomi said her brand-new 62kg, size 10 figure has made her happier and more confident than ever – and added that her new body is the best Christmas present she could have asked for. 

She said: “I felt so beautiful on my wedding day. It was such an incredible memory that I’ll hold in my heart forever.

“But after I got married, things just got a bit out of control. I’d go eat whatever I wanted without a whole lot of thought.

“But it really hit me when I saw a photo of myself at a relative’s hen’s party last year. I absolutely hated the dress I was wearing and thought I looked like a fat pig. 

“It really got me down. So from then on I became determined to slim down and get healthy.”

After doing some research online, Naomi said she came across a weight loss plan called the 123Diet, which promised to help her lose weight with the aid of special diet drops and a healthy food program.

Naomi’s new lifestyle has not only saw her shed 42kg, but she said her grocery bill has now been quartered – going from $200 to just $50 a week.

The inspirational woman, who has worked in the delicatessen at her local Woolworths supermarket for 25 years, said some of her usual customers do not even recognise her. 

But Naomi said her biggest achievement was being able to fit back into her cherished wedding dress from 1985 – adding that she feels as good now as she did on her special day. 

“I feel incredible eating all this fresh and healthy food. I’m not buying anything packaged or processed.

“I’m really visible at my work. I’ve been there 25 years and I’ve had the same customers who have seen me week after week during the weight loss process.

“They’ve all been amazed. Some who I haven’t seen in a while don’t even recognise me.

“Now I feel like a completely new person.

“It’s every girl’s dream to fit back into their wedding dress, and I was over the moon when I slipped it on.

“Everyone has their own goals, and that was certainly a big one for me. I couldn’t be happier.

“This is me for life and I’ll never look back.”


Breakfast: Skipped.

Mid-morning Snack: Cake, biscuits, chocolates and fruit.

Lunch: Spring rolls with a kebab and cappuccino.

Afternoon snack: Dim sims and sandwiches.

Dinner: Two or three helpings of whatever she cooked at home, which was heavy with cream, butter, sugar and starchy vegetables.

Dessert: One litre of ice cream or half a cheese cake.


Breakfast: Two pieces of fruit

Mid-morning snack: cherry tomatoes

Lunch: Green salad with 100g of protein, with an apple cider dressing, or a pizza made with chick pea flour.

Dinner: 100g of protein with vegetables. Sometimes a stir fry, or an omelet

Dessert: Five grissini breadsticks to munch on while reading.

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