Woman creates her 'ultimate revenge body'

Scorned woman loses 32kg to create ‘ultimate revenge body’

And Alexandra says she did it ‘without exercising' - by Josh Saunders - Featured in New Idea

A woman has lost 32kg in under four months to sculpt the ‘ultimate revenge body’.

Alexandra Quadrelli, 29, from Perth, was paranoid her partner would leave her when she bulged to 98kg after getting the contraceptive implant.

After being scorned by a previous ex who she claims regularly called her ‘fat’, she was determined to slim down.

Fearing her current partner would stop feeling attracted to her and battling depression because she hated her appearance - she started taking 123Diet Drops and following a clean eating plan.

In under four months the deli assistant, who is originally from Milan, Italy, but has lived in Perth for the last three years, shed 31.6kg from sticking to the plan without exercising.

She formed her ‘ultimate revenge body’ to keep his interest and now believes the way he looks at her makes it all worth it - alongside being healthy and without high blood pressure.

‘Before I felt bad, frustrated, ugly, unhappy and unhealthy. I constantly had the fear of going out and having a social life because I was scared others would judge me,’ Alexandra says.


‘My life was constantly hiding my body under large clothing, I hid myself from everyone. I always loved going to the beach but when I was a heavier weight, I was too shy to wear a swimsuit or to go shopping because I was frustrated that there weren’t suitable clothes for me.

‘I was unhealthy, unhappy and I was so scared of losing my actual boyfriend because an ex-boyfriend was so rude to me… and would regularly tell me how fat I was.

‘So I told myself no, not this time. I started to take better care of myself because my health is more important and secondly because I wanted my boyfriend to look at me in a different way.

‘Now, I love my body, feel sexy and better about myself but more important than anything else, I’m healthy.

‘Now I have a revenge body for all the people who are discriminated against their weight ‘

Alexandra says she never struggled with weight problems in the past, until having a contraceptive implant and the stresses of moving to Australia three years ago.

This led her to hit her heaviest weight when she had a BMI of 34.9 – putting her a high category for obesity.

But after seeing a photograph of her rounder face and how large she had become, she knew she had to make a change.

She started the 123Diet program earlier this year and was able to drop to a slender 66kg.

The plan, developed in Australia and TGA-listed, combines a three-phase meal plan with support products including weight loss drops.

‘I saw results every day. In three-and-a-half months I lost 31.6kg without any exercise,’ Alexandra says. ‘Now everyone thinks I look much younger than I did before. From my social to my personal life and the way I think about myself it’s all so much better.’



BREAKFAST: big breakfast cappuccino muffins

SNACKS: McDonalds fries

LUNCH: pasta, pizza and sandwiches

DINNERS: pasta, pizza, McDonald's fries or meatballs

DESSERT: cakes or chocolate


BREAKFAST: apple or a handful of strawberries

SNACKS: tomatoes

LUNCH: 100g of protein veggie or meat

DINNERS: 100g of protein with vegetables

DESSERT: nothing


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